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Message from 1st Chairman

Education, today, is perhaps the most important function and responsibility of the State, as enshrined in both the constitutions of India and the State of Jammu and Kashmir. To help the Government in its endeavour a number of responsible NGO's and charitable Trusts have taken a lead to share this gigantic task of the State. Education is the very foundation of good citizenship.

It is, indeed, a principal instrument in awakening the child to cultural and human values and prepares him for a future profession, training, vocation and helps him in adjusting to the needs of the society, be it, in building his character, vision, compassion, tolerance, spirit and endurance.

Sant Manjit Singh Trust under the aegis of His Holiness Mahat Manjit Singh Ji of Dera Santpura Nangali Sahib, Poonch has taken upon itself the noble cause of imparting quality education to all, irrespective of color, caste and creed and after establishing number of educational and professional institutions, is offering a gift to the people of J&K State in the form of SANT ROCHA SINGH DEGREE COLLEGE JAMMU.

On this occasion I shall feel highly spirited and vindicated to convey my good wishes to all for this new beginning. As a first step to impart education in the college which I pray, should become the torch bearer as a model institution in imparting education to the younger lot of the State of J&K. I call upon all citizens of the State to extend their whole hearted support to us. I would feel greatly honored, if I am called as the first SEVADAR of the college rather than its Chairman.

In the end I wis.h that let education grow as it must and will. Let science, Arts and Humanities also grow and above all let there be a message for spread fo education, vision and knowledge and let there be liberation from illusion and darkness.

'Students who get higher education are a privileged class in our country, particularly those who have the opportunity of studying in some outstanding institution as this college'. These are the glowing and the ever inspiring words about our beloved College spoken by his holiness Mahant Mnjeet singh ji, when he visited our college in 2005.

This college has had a distinguished history. During more than fifteen years of its existence we have produced great administrators, jurists, academicians, artist and sports persons of international repute. Even this year we have achieved outstanding results in academic, sports and co-curricular activities. Our faculty is making exceptional contribution in research in various disciplines and other out-reach programs.

I am sure when you join this college you will become a part of this glorious tradition of growth and excellence.