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Message from the Chairman

It is universally acknowledged that the challenges posed by modern society and a new civilization marked by technological developments can be met with the powerful weapon of education. Plato's concept of the role of education that it "develops in the body and in the soul (of the pupil) all the beauty and all the perfection of which he is capable of has assumed greater relevance in our times.

Education is to be regarded as the very pivot around which the process of human development from infancy to maturity revolves as a permanent feature of society as a whole. The goal a largest power, immense joy, selfless services and fulness of stature is the natural outcome of a viable educational system.

It is in this context that Sant Manjit Singh Trust under the patronage of His Holiness Mahant Manjit Singh Ji of Shiromani Dera Santpura Nangali Sahib, Poonch, has taken upon itself the noble cause of imparting quality education to all irrespective of any consideration of creed, religion and above all of petty prejudices of the time by establishing quite a few educational and professional institutions helping the state government in its endeavor to carry the torch of education to every corner of the State.

As a humble sevadar, I assure the Sole Trustee that the entire Board of Directors constituted to manage the academic and administrative affairs of such institutions, in whatever capacity directed, and to the best of our abilities shall justify the trust reposed in us. It would be my endeavour to carry forward the mission so successfully implemented by Sant Rocha Singh Degree College under the stewardship of the Advisory members like S. Rangil Singh (Ex-Minister) and Sudershan Singh Wazir (Ex-Chairman) and others through their dynamism and sense of immense devotion. My colleagues on the Board, the members of the teaching staff and the entire student population of SRS Degree College shall deem it a sacred duty to realise the objectives that we cherish so dearly.