Practical Datesheet For B.A/B.Sc Sem -I / III / V 2017-18     Registration Open for admission in Sem- II / IV / VI 2017-18.

Mission & Objective


In establishing Sant Rocha Singh Degree College ShiromaniDeraNangali Sahib has a special mission. The College shall be made to contribute in a humble way to the growth and development of an educated global society fully aware of basic values and aspirations of humanity. A beginning has to be made, of course from the State of Jammu and Kashmir as we have always given a lead to the rest of the country in matters of spirituality. We propose to make all possible endeavors to achieve the goal we have set before us. It is in trade4money this context that the college has introduced a system that affords equal opportunities to all sections irrespective of caste, creed or sex. Ours is a co-educational institution functioning under the guidance of a wellqualified team of academicians.



Sant Rocha Singh Degree College shall strive f0r the following.


To impart quality education to the students irrespective of colour, caste and creed.


To strive for inculcating a sense of responsibility towards humanity among the younger generation.

To prepare younger generation to uphold the ethical, moral and secular values of Indian civilization.
To take up education in various fields of general science, computer application and literature under special short term and long term programs enabling students to refresh and improve upon their knowledge for concrete benefits in their career development.

To encourage and promote entrepreneurial and leadership faculty among those admitted to the institution so as to enable them to create their own enterprises and strive for a better tomorrow.